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10 Years of belonging to the Pachamama Family

My dear Pachamama family,

Ten years ago, I participated at my first Awakening the Dreamers Symposium, which completely changed my life. It happened on November 3rd, 2007 at Spirit Rock and it was facilitated by Tracy Apple and Ruel Walker.  I think it was my awakening moment when i was able to see and feel that life is bigger than my immediate surroundings and my family comfort, and that there was a critical mass of individuals rising up. It was uplifting to hear that here was a global healing movement, and by being involved in the Pachamama Alliance programs I could be part of this movement and help people in Romania wake up to this existing reality.


My first thoughts after this Symposium were to go to the rain forest, so i can have a direct experience with the source where THE CALL came from, and secondly to become a Pachamama Alliance facilitator. I was able to do both in 2009.

After I have finished my degree in Clinical Psychology at California Institute for Integral Studies,  I have moved back to Bucharest, Romania, and started the NGO Pachamama Romania.

And after that, many events followed: Awakening the Dreamer Symposiums, Presentations on Rights of Nature, Green Life Festival and Workshops/Conference with International Guests. In 2012 we participated at Rio+20 Earth Summit to promote the petition for the Universal Declaration of Rights of Mother Earth. In 2013 we started the first edition of ROSIA MONTANA MARATHON – a marathon dedicated to the Rights of Nature. 

In 2014 we had John Perkins for 2 weeks in Romania.

pachamama2   pachamama3   In 2015 I presented the Rosia Montana case at the Tribunal for Nature’s Rights at COP21. pachamama4

Every year since 2009, I have participated at the November Pachamama Luncheon. November was my PEAK of the year. I was meeting Pachamama facilitators all over the world and celebrating our small successes, celebrating our connection, celebrating life!


I was very driven to bring fourth the new dream into our present world. My mind was always thinking about what project I need to do next, and how I can attract more money and supporters.


2016 was a very good year.  I facilitated many Symposiums, ran 10 half marathons for Nature’s Rights, and we doubled the participants at the Rosia Montana Marathon compared to the previous year. We were preparing to launch a National Initiative for Nature’s Rights. I felt like it was ‘now or never’ or ‘this is it’ – the moment I am going to really get serious and become very professional, become the person I have always dreamt of. So in the month of December 2016, I started to sleep very little so that I would put more time into preparing the Pachamama Romania Gala and a Big Funds application. This was not the time to rest or enjoy holidays, it was the time to get big.

This lasted till the 23rd of December, where I fainted in Sponsor’s Office, The Therme, and in the Eve of 25th of December I ended up in the hospital. I stayed there for 4 days. I didn’t have the energy to even walk a couple of steps. I was diagnosed with Severe Adrenal Burned coupled with anxiety. I think that the anxiety was due to the fact that I knew that I won’t be able to work as before. The month of January I stayed most of the time at home. By March, my energy started to slowly come back…


The good thing was that by now, I had other team members that could take over my part like Daniel Diaconu and Ana Daraban. So the projects continued, but we didn’t launch the National Initiative for Nature’s Rights.

Daniel continued to do many Symposiums in high schools and Universities, Ana worked on organizing the Green Life Festival, while I continued to organize the Rosia Montana Marathon.

However, because of my low energy level, I decided to step back and just ‘work from behind the scene’.

I put a veil on me that would put some distance to the outside world, and I spent a lot of time in meditation and praying for myself and for a MIRACLE, so that the programs of Pachamama Romania would continue in order to fulfill our mission.


In the month of April, we had Leslie Davenport coming to Romania, where she had workshops and lectures around the topic of RESILIENCY IN THE TIMES OF CLIMATE CHANGE. With Leslie, we had done many sessions of Guided Imagery. What came up for me in those practices is that I need to start a HEALING CENTER IN ROSIA MONTANA and bring INTERNATIONAL TOURISTS IN ROSIA.

pachamama6 In July, we had the 5th edition of Rosia Montana Marathon, which was a huge success. We had around 400 participants. pachamama7

It was great that all our events were coming together, but on the other side, I was ending up with infusions or in the hospital because over exhausting.

What was the cause? The quality of organizing skills in the team and even more, the emotional conflict, disputes and tensions in our team. I felt I wasn’t firm enough, and also our team members and volunteers were starting to forget why they were involved in our programs – THE WHY OF OUR NGO… OR THE BIG WHY OF WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO.

And I realized that by myself I could not re-sparkle their inner flame and bring harmony in the team.

I needed help, and I asked Maisa Arias to come to Romania to help coagulate the Romania team, reach new levels in our inner structure, and also open new doors for the NATURE’S RIGHTS PROJECT.

And indeed this has happened… THE PACHAMAMA MAGIC has happened.

The first weekend while Maisa was in Romania we had a leadership retreat after which our team members started to fall again with each other and with our mission. They relearned to LISTEN TO EACH OTHER.

In the second week, we had a facilitator training workshop. We managed to have 16 new facilitators, and now the ATD Symposium can spread out even more in Romania.


We had a presentation at Bucharest Town Hall which opened doors for a collaboration for next year. pachamama9 We held 2 Symposiums in Bucharest and Cluj with our partners, which brought more volunteers into our team. pachamama10

Also, we spent 2 days in Rosia Montana where we discussed with the President of Alburnus Maior NGO (the main local NGO who started the movement SAVE ROSIA MONTANA) about the idea of bringing legal person-hood to the Carnic Mountain. And the cherry on the cake, on our last hours in Rosia Montana, we organized a sacred ceremony of planting new seeds for a sustainable future for Rosia Montana. And what was really special was that at this ceremony participated a 5 year old boy – Andrei, and a 2 month year old girl – Mira.


During these two weeks there was a FLOW in all our activities and this is why I said MAGIC – because I felt we were able to open people’s hearts and syncronicities happened, one of which was having Munay – a participant from the Facilitator training coming to join all our events and doing small CACAO OFFERINGS AND CEREMONIES, which facilitated the process of deepening into the Spirit of our work.

I haven’t told Maisa the story of what has truly happened with me this year and there was a part in me that was very nervous during this time. I tend to be anxious with how things are going to evolve… My karmic Yoga practice is DETACHMENT FROM RESULTS and there is a part of my personality which is always looking for PERFECTION.

I was even joking with my friends that we are going to be on an inspection.

This was because i really value the work of the Pachamama Alliance – the amazing thinking that is put behind each education program, and also because it is an honor to have Maisa Arias coming to Romania pro bono and doing trainings for 2 weeks.

I didn’t take this for granted and somehow I wanted to let the Pachamama Allliance team know this investment was worth it.

What has happened energetically? Well, Carmen Marin is our local “shaman”… and this is what Carmen painted during Maisa’s stay:


It is called BRINGING HEAVEN ON EARTH. It is a winter path with snow in the background, but the path is filled with IRIS FLOWERS which help bring vitality to the trees, so that the trees become green again. So, i feel that Maisa paved the path for our team, where things were frozen, she brought life to our programs, so that a new REBIRTH can be possible for Pachamama Romania.

I am deeply grateful for Maisa’s wisdom and her big heart and love. A part of me could not believe that this love is real… but it is real. And as I told Maisa when she left Romania:

I had a friend visiting me, now I have a Sister going back to the States.

I am deeply grateful for the whole Pachamama team for believing in us, for supporting us, for sending Maisa to Romania, to help growing and strengthening our programs, and to better spread the Pachamama message.

This is going to be the first year when i won’t be present physically to the Luncheon due to my energy level, but i will be with you in Spirit.

I feel very blessed to be part of this movement and as we said on top of the Carnic Mountain, the Romanian team is  recommitting  the Pachamama Mission to bring forth an enviromentally sustainable, socially just and spiritually fulfilling world – and now, our team is going to do it in a BALANCED WAY, taking into consideration also the body’s limitations.


With love from Romania, Alexandra

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