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Logo Symbolism

logo_Rosia_Montana-300x179Dear friends, we wish to explain you the elements chosen to create the logo of our runners for Rosia Montana.


Mountains around Rosia Montana are in danger of detonation for gold ore exploitation and for this reason we projected on these mountains the green color, that represent circle of life, hope, serenity and stability.

1. Seven sunflowers

These flowers are a symbol of loyalty, constancy of love, power, kindness of soul and protection. Number seven represents wisdom, virtue and seeking absolute truth. This message is our wisdom to move toward the light to find answers to our questions.

2. Yellow

Yellow symbolizes the sun crossing the blue sky, bringing the power of divinity of this world. It is the color of eternity, youth and divine immortality.

3. Pink

Pink is the environment where healing occurs, pink is the color of love and affection, love for people and the world and by its vibration soothes and improves feelings, stimulating any kind of actions.

Through the vision of ​​this logo, mountains around Rosia Montana reborn and bring stability in the area and the yellow sunflowers attract power of love, warmth and DIVINE POWER. All these qualities are the result of local people and runners` presence, the state of their consciousness, reflected by the number 7 defining a state of WINSDOM, VIRTUE and SEARCH FOR TRUTH. Whole atmosphere that supports all this healing is reflected by pink color – an ATMOSPHERE OF LOVE, by loving the world and all places, expressing our pure emotion on everything we touch and, not least, promoting the sustainable investments.

Runners’ role

Runners` role is to step on this land with love, draw around them much love, which occurs support to protect Rosia Montana village, its mountains and nature, and to help develop a sustainable plan for investments.

All these things can be done only if we connect to the divine power – the power of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE that gives us the strength to move forward under any circumstances, to act with WISDOM AND VIRTUE AND ALWAYS seeking THE DIVINE TRUTH.


Healing power is given to all individuals if each of us is loyal to our collective divine mission, to the song that flows through us:

Our individual and collective lives depend on our desire to be opened to the song that wants to thrive from us. Our level of openness in connection with divine presence within and around us determines what we release from us as individuals into the world … The world and the universe hear us all the time … We are called because the world needs us to embody the meaning of SOUL CRY in our lives. The world where we live in is a co-creation, a manifestation of individual consciousness woven into a collective dream. How we treat each other as individuals, as groups, as nations and tribes is what determines this dream.

Let’s let this song of the soul, which gives meaning to our lives, to be reflected in how we go during the day, the way we do business and how we greet each other.Oriah Mountain Dreamer

When we lead our divine mission to the end and we show talents and uniqueness, then we bring to this world the greatest contribution. Therefore, Pachamama Romania promotes self-awareness programs, so that more people come to be loyal to their souls and be involved in as many creative projects and social activities.


By participating and co-organizing the Gratitude Marathon in Rosia Montana, Pachamama Romania promotes the traditional values, nature and history of Romania in a particular area, where these are threatened. The approach continues with its activities for the Protection of the Rights of Nature to be adopted in Romanian legislation in the most representative form for the environment. Starting with September 2014 we intend to create an educational platform for civil society through NGOs, dedicated actions and events, so as to present the concept “Rights of Nature” to more citizens and authorities. Secondly, we want to start a close cooperation with the competent authorities on the topic of legislative initiatives to protect the Rights of Nature. The message: “NATURE IS A LIVING BEING – SAY YES TO THE RIGHTS OF NATURE” will be promoted through educational programs, sports, culture and arts.


Gold that we all are looking for is in our power to love, to give, to connect one each other! GOLD IS CONNECTION WITH DIVINITY AND LIGHT, WHICH IS IN EACH OF US!

Come to discover the treasure inside us and at the same time, to reflect to the wealth of others that we share with joy!