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Help us protect Europe’s last great mountain wilderness and safeguard Romania’s natural and socio-cultural heritage for future generations

Hi everyone, I am Alexandra Postelnicu and I am running a New Year fundraising campaign to support Pachamama’s efforts in making unique local communities stronger – for themselves, for the conservation of the invaluable natural environment they live in and for all of us to live a better life on a healthier Planet!


The Carpathian mountains of Romania are home to the last great remaining wilderness in Europe. Rosia Montana is one of its last remaining communities that preserve an endangered lifestyle – in harmony with nature, traditions and spiritual values that are rapidly disappearing in our modern world. What makes Rosia Montana even more vulnerable, besides its location in a natural paradise, is the fact that it also sits on an old gold mine – and the weaker the local community is, the more chances for mining companies to start fracking, as they have tried in the past.

Rosia Montana cultural landscape is already on Romani’s tentative list for UNESCO World Heritage.We are supporting the local community to ensure that the natural heritage and the cultural traditions are preserved until the final inclusion on World Heritage list. To me, fighting for the future of Rosia Montana is the most important personal story and contribution I am making for the world and for myself…

Pachamama Alliance is committed to an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling and socially just human presence on our planet. They are working with indigenous people in Ecuador and Peru to create the permanent protection of the headwaters of the Amazon Rain Forest. In Romania, my team and I, alongside our many supporters and volunteers are working to make the unique social and natural ecosystem of Rosia Montana stronger in the face of mining companies and other interests that threaten its existence.

To this end, besides taking Pachamama’s “Awakening the Dreamer” Symposium to schools and universities, I have started an annual Marathon to bring people to Rosia Montana, support the local community rural tourism development and educate on the importance of sustainable natural environment. So far, almost 2000 people have participated and visited this amazing place, reconnecting with Nature as well as with their own spirituality and vital force, while also supporting the sustainable development of the local community.

I hope that Rosia Montana will be a role model showcasing the importance of holistic development of indigenous communities – so people can live not only closely connected to each other, but also to their natural and cultural heritage.

Please consider contributing, being our friend and maybe even visiting us in Rosia Montana in 2018!

Every dollar makes a difference –

Love from Romania,

Alexandra Postelnicu

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