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‘COPACUL RENASTERII’ un cadou din partea Pachamama Romania catre Alianta Pachamama SUA

copacul renasterii

My dear PACHAMAMA family

First of all – I want to tell you how GRATERFUL I am for having participated at my first Symposium in November 2007 at Spirit Rock with Tracy Apple. That experience completely changed my life and I was able to hear a deeper calling – I heard the CALLING OF MOTHER EARTH.

Being involved in the organization – LESSING SYMPOSIA – spreading out the message of “THE NEED FOR SYSTEMIC CHANGE & AT THE SAME TIME PERSONAL CHANGE out of the CONSUMARISTIC – ISOLATED SELFISH mentality to a UNIFIED – INTERCONNECTED WHOLE out of which we are part of” helped me have A DEEPER MEANING IN MY LIFE and helped me REARRANGE MY LIFE’SPRIORITIES. And actually – I feel that changed my IDENTITY. I became a PACHAMAMA girl and wherever I go I start a conversation on Pachamama issues about how we can transform ourselves and our society.

Nevertheless – I am very grateful to the people that I have met in the last years, my Pachamama International Family, persons all over the world – brilliant thinkers with a big loving heart – AND I DO KNOW WE ARE THE IMAGINARY CELLS COMING TOGETHER TO TRANSFORM THE GENE EXPRESSION OF THE WORLD.

Out of my commitment to the Pachamama mission to bring forth an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling and socially fair humanpresence on this EARTH – I asked my dear friend CARMEN MARIN to create a painting for PACHAMAMA – that represents its work and at the same time it will help the Alliance to be successful in its mission. Carmen not only brings beauty to the canvas – but she is also connected to the deeper REALMS of reality – bringing messages from its different dimensions. The Symbol that she has received is THE TREE OF LIFE = HALF DEAD AND HALF ALIVE – BEAUTIFUL AND BLOSSOMING.

We are in a current state of our world, where there are programs/structures that enhance life on this planet by creating BEAUTY/PROSPERITY, and at the same time – there are structures that are causing DEATH. However these two realms of existence are interconnected and both of them are part of a UNIFIED WHOLE – THE TREE OF LIFE.

How will the transformation healing occur?

  1. As one can see – the DIVINE LIGHT penetrates both sides of the tree – especially the left side – The Dead Side. We have to BRING DIVINE WISDOM AND LOVE to the suffering of our Planet and to see the Beauty of Light in the Ugly Death.
  1. Going from duality to NON-DUAL CONSCIOUSNESS, we need to recognize that ALL IS LIGHT, AND THAT THERE IS LIGHT IN THE SHADOW, and without darkness – there can be no light. THROUGH FACING THE DARKNESS – WE ARE ABLE TO BECOME MORE OF WHO WE ARE, ANDDISCOVERTHE REAL LIGHT IN US – through the love that we may not know that exists or we are capable of.

The PRESENCE OF THE PEONIES, the two flowers on the right side of the painting, ONE WHITE and ONE RED, makes them the main characters. With a recorded history that goes back thousands of years, the symbolism surrounding the origin of the PEONY has multiple versions:

a) One legend says that the PEONY was named after Paeon, a student of Asclepius, the Greek god of medicine and healing – who received the flower on Mount Olympus from Apollo’s mother.

b) Another legend tells the story of the same physician who was saved from the fate of dying as other mortals by being turned into the flower that we know today as the peony.

c) The peony is the traditional floral symbol of CHINA, known as the flower of:






I would say that the message of this PAINTING is the following:

The divine light has transformed the right side of the painting/the death into a beautiful garden of flowers – especially peonies – which create an atmosphere of  HONOR – BEAUTY – LOVE – ROMANCE – PROSPERITY.

The light also works on the left side of the painting – on the existing/current suffering of the world, and is going to transform it the same way.



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